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We are a law firm dedicated to providing accessible, experienced, compassionate, and excellent advocacy to Indiana individuals and families.

Our practice focuses on guardianships/guardianship administration, adoptions, estate planning, health care/elder care planning, and probate.

We are committed to skilled and compassionate advocacy, whether that be in the context of collaborative negotiation, mediation, or respectful litigation.

And we are intentional in our creation of a welcoming, yet professional environment for our clients and our community.

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Recent Posts

Elder Mediation

Elder law attorneys regularly have a unique vantage point into the reality that, even the healthiest and most functional of family roles and relationships can become very complicated very quickly when an elder loved one starts needing additional care.

As needs and long-held roles within a family change, many of our clients benefit from learning new ways of coping with evolving relationships and new realities.

In many cases, elder mediation can be a helpful and empowering tool. Mediation provides an opportunity for the elder and all involved members of a family to participate in thoughtful and collaborative decision making. It can provide a valuable opportunity for family members to attack the issues at hand instead of each other.

Once the family has settled on a plan, then we can often help by drafting the documents needed to put that plan into action.

A core value of our practice is the dignity, autonomy, integrity, and protection of elders and their families. So give us a call if you have questions about elder mediation, supported decision making, or long term care planning on behalf of an elder loved one.

We can help.

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