Resources for Birth Parents-On Your Feet Foundation

Our office has the privilege of regularly representing birth mothers. We recognize that making an adoption plan for a child isn’t just a moment in time.  It is a lifelong decision that can require long term support.     Community resources like On Your Feet Foundation can help.

 OYFF was founded by adoptive parents, professionals, and a birth parent who recognized the need for practical help for other birth parents who had chosen adoption for their child.  They are a small, nonprofit organization that provides personal support to birth parents to help them get “back on their feet.”  OYFF focuses on case management and coaching, monetary grants, and the creation of a community of other birth parents.




Families are built in a variety of beautiful ways

Anastasia had an absolutely wonderful time speaking with caseworkers and prospective adoptive foster families at the IAACCS adoption forum in Fishers on July 15th.   What a privilege it is to work with families of all configurations.   Please let us know if our office can act as a resource to you regarding foster adoption.