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We are a law firm dedicated to providing accessible, experienced, compassionate, and excellent advocacy to Indiana individuals and families.

Our practice focuses on guardianships/guardianship administration, adoptions, estate planning, health care/elder care planning, and probate.

We are committed to empathetic, yet assertive advocacy, whether that be in the context of collaborative negotiation, mediation, or respectful litigation.

And we are intentional in our creation of a welcoming, yet professional environment for our clients and our community.

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Recent Posts

Thankful for the “Helpers”

Thanksgiving is a ripe time to practice the continuing habit of cultivating a grateful heart.

In this season of gratitude, we are especially thankful for the caregivers, who play a vital role in supporting loved ones-whether they be little ones, elders, or those with special needs.

We are grateful to play a small part in your adoption stories, your guardianships, and your estate planning/care planning conversations.

Thank you for making the beds.
Thank you for scheduling the appointments with us.
Thank you for sacrificing your own time on behalf of another.
Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you in your stories.

To all of the “helpers”` thank you.

Your efforts do not go unnoticed.


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