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We are a law firm dedicated to providing accessible, experienced, compassionate, and excellent advocacy to Indiana individuals and families.

Our practice focuses on guardianships/guardianship administration, adoptions, estate planning, health care/elder care planning, and probate.

We are committed to empathetic, yet assertive advocacy, whether that be in the context of collaborative negotiation, mediation, or respectful litigation.

And we are intentional in our creation of a welcoming, yet professional environment for our clients and our community.

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What You Need to Know About The Indiana Guardianship Registry

Did you know that the state of Indiana is in the process of implementing an online guardianship registry?

The registry is intended to be a safeguard for vulnerable people who are under guardianship. It will serve as a tool for hospitals, banks, law enforcement, mental health facilities, government agencies, and other service providers who are often placed in emergency situations where knowing whether someone is under a guardianship and who needs to be contacted is critical.

The registry provides non-confidential case information to the public, including: the name of the protected person, the name of the appointed guardian, the protected person’s year of birth, whether the guardianship case is active or expired, when the letters of guardianship were issued, the county issuing the guardianship, and the guardianship cause number.

Learn more and access the registry here:

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