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This information is provided as a courtesy to you. It isn’t legal advice and should not be treated as such. You should always contact an attorney (like us) for help with your specific legal needs and issues.

Download Forms

Estate Planning Intake Form
(coming soon)
This form can be used for individuals or families in a variety of configurations.  Just indicate “N/A” in any spaces that are not applicable to you.

Guardianship Client Intake Form
(coming soon)
This form is primarily intended to be used for adult guardianships.

Probate/Estate/Trust Administration Questionnaire
This form can be used whether the decedent had a Will, a Trust, or no plan in place.

Adoption Intake Questionnaire
(coming soon)

Duties of an Attorney in Fact
(coming soon)

Funeral Planning Declaration Form
A Funeral Planning Declaration is a legally binding document allowing a person to direct how their body is to be disposed of at the time of their death and what services are to be held.


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