How we honor our elders

The Indiana Health Care Consent Act allows you to appoint a person to make your healthcare decisions if you are no longer able to do so.   We draft the healthcare planning documents (and are happy to make home visits), but you provide the most important medicine of all . . .

Families are built in a variety of beautiful ways

Anastasia had an absolutely wonderful time speaking with caseworkers and prospective adoptive foster families at the IAACCS adoption forum in Fishers on July 15th.   What a privilege it is to work with families of all configurations.   Please let us know if our office can act as a resource to you regarding foster adoption.

July is for traveling!


Parents- if you are leaving wee ones with family or other caregivers during a grown-up vacation, it is a good idea to prepare a power of attorney document so that your caregiver can seek non-emergency medical attention for your kids if necessary during your absence. It’s also good idea to have one in place for regular daycare providers. We can help.