Resolutions, Generations, and Conversations

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and prosperous 2015!

We hope that you were able to spend time with loved ones over the past several weeks and we know that holiday visits often mean time with new babies, beloved grandparents, and old friends.

January is a natural time to take stock (and take action).  New babies and growing families often prompt people to consider the estate planning process for the first time.  And holiday visits with parents or grandparents sometimes lead to the growing realization that loved ones could benefit from extra support in planning for care needs.

Our practice focuses on families- the adoption of children, the care of the elderly, the protection of the vulnerable and the support of individuals and families as they move through estate and long term care planning conversations.

As you turn the page on the new calendar year, let us know if we can enter into these conversations with you.

We are here to help.