Planning Ahead- Guardianships and Estate Planning for your Loved One with Special Needs

A significant part of our practice is devoted to working with families to ensure the long term care and protection of a loved one with special needs and we regularly have the opportunity to partner with other wonderful organizations in doing so.

Down Syndrome Indiana is dedicated to providing resources, education, support, and access to services for individuals and families.  Stasia recently had the opportunity to work with our friends at DS Indiana to provide information about how families can plan ahead for guardianship.

The featured article can be found here:

The prospect of a guardianship proceeding for a family member with special needs (whether it be a child or an adult) might understandably feel overwhelming.  Be assured that we do everything in our power to foster dignity and compassion throughout the process and to minimize the stress and the expense associated with it

Let us know if you have questions about guardianship planning or estate planning for your loved one.

We can help.